To Rezone or Not To Rezone, That is the Question.

Few local political issues evoke deeper, white-hot passions than questions of whether Greensboro City Council should approve any given rezoning application.  On the one hand, this is surprising.  For example, whether a single small piece of land in our City of nearly 300,000 persons Read More

Buy Local

In 2012, a longtime local provider of fuel to Guilford County, Berico Fuels, lost a contract to continue to provide fuel to the County to a Virginia-based company.  Berico had performed well and had a good relationship with the County.  Further, Berico employed many persons in our community, paid considerable amounts in local taxes, and supported many community organizations.  Notwithstanding these facts (as well as the fact that elected officials routinely tout the importance of “buying local” and supporting small and local businesses), the out-of-state Read More

Meeting Recap: 4.24.18

Greensboro City Council’s April 24, 2018 work session and meeting were especially lively, as the Council addressed several topics of particular public interest.  Here are a few noteworthy points from the work session and meeting, which lasted over eight hours: Read More

Déjà Vu, Aggressive Solicitation Ordinance Part Deux

Written on 5/11/18

Greensboro’s recently adopted ordinance to prohibit specific acts of aggressive solicitation may be headed for the trash bin before the ink on the paper on which the ordinance was written has dried.  At its May 15, 2018 meeting, Greensboro City Council is poised to again spend considerable amounts of time publicly debating whether to at all prohibit aggressive solicitation, after repealing the City’s longstanding framework for dealing with both non-aggressive and aggressive panhandling. Read More