Priorities: Closing the Gaps

In a city with many talented leaders, Justin will provide the strong mayoral leadership necessary to close the gap between where Greensboro is today and once peer cities like Charlotte, Raleigh, and Durham.  Working with these leaders he will:

Business – More and Better Paying Jobs

  • Prioritize local and small businesses by encouraging partnerships to provide training, resources, and access to capital.
  • Improve the ease of doing business by streamlining regulations.
  • Act with the recognition that business and support services are major drivers of economic growth and work with stakeholders to demonstrate to companies that Greensboro is a place they should be and where they will grow.
  • Work with our medical community and private partners on initiatives to improve senior well-being and promote Greensboro as an attractive place to retire.

Police & Public Safety­ – Greatest Safety, Appreciation & Standards

  • Make Greensboro safer by acting with an understanding of the causes and patterns of crime and build community support for public safety by promoting trust between the community and those who serve.
  • Develop high standards for effectiveness and accountability, coupled with training and compensation that recognizes the value of their work.

Education – End the “Brain Drain”

  • Use Greensboro’s strengths in intellectual capital and higher education to reverse the City’s brain drain, which sees our outstanding institutions of higher education prepare young people for jobs in other cities, rather than Greensboro.

Housing – Quality, Affordability & Variety

  • Move forward with measures to increase availability, and improve cost, variety, and quality of housing to make Greensboro livable and affordable for all of our community.

Public Transportation & Development – Rational & Forward-Looking

  • Improve public transportation and encourage forward-thinking, but rational development which does not overwhelm our infrastructure.

Use of City Resources – On the Merits

  • Speak to the need for compassionate government that continuously seeks to address the needs of the least advantaged.
  • Use City resources, including the City’s budget, based on the merits and our community’s best interests, not who is asking for help or how it will appear in the media the next day or benefit special interests.
  • Never treat taxpayers as an ATM for lazy government.