Reducing Crime Takes Hard Work

“If you are like me, you would want the mayor of your city to respond to these events with an urgent but organized, crisis management approach … Greensboro deserves better. Substance over Symbolism.  Accountability and Results.” 

Justin Outling


Dear Friend:

It has been a tough two weeks for public safety in Greensboro. 

  • Shots were fired on Interstate 40 near South Elm/Eugene during a police stop. 
  • Two persons were shot at 1819 Spring Garden at 5:30 in the morning in the parking lot of an after-hours club.  
  • A Greensboro Police Department crime report showing 18 aggravated assaults with a firearm in one week and the year-to-date total up by 83 versus last year.
  • Seventy-one vacancies in the Police Department and Chief Brian James soon to retire. 


If you are like me, you would want the mayor of your city to respond to these events with an urgent but organized, crisis management approach.  

That sense of urgency is missing.  At tonight’s Council meeting the incumbent mayor did not mention public safety, and left the meeting early to go to a concert. This after she abruptly cancelled (and did not reschedule) last week’s council work session.

But the incumbent mayor did act urgently in rushing out a politically motivated social media post highlighting my ‘no’ vote for a city policy regarding safety reviews for bars and nightclubs.  On December 24th, 2021, I informed you via email on why I did not support the policy (you can reread that email here).  And I stand by my explanation to you.

We need organization and execution in confronting the wave of violence we face.  Here is how I will bring those to the mayor’s office.  I will: 

  • Use the full power of the council to keep the focus on crime and providing the resources the police department needs.
  • Meet regularly with the city manager and police chief to examine trends and root causes behind the weekly crime report numbers, then come to a consensus on how to act.
  • Formalize meetings with neighborhoods, businesses, and the police department to address developing situations before crime occurs.
  • Utilize Federal, State, and other funding sources to invest in solving the root causes of crime using positive tools like a summer job programs for youth (focused on teens who live in areas with high rates of violent crime), more affordable housing, and job training. 

The incumbent mayor has tried to create a narrative around hard work and her unique ability to be mayor.  But the facts don’t lie.  That her response to these latest incidents was to cancel a meeting, leave early from another, and exploit the situation for political purposes with no substantive movement forward says all you need to know about her leadership.  Greensboro deserves better.  Substance over Symbolism.  Accountability and Results.  

I hope you will support my campaign and New Effective Leadership for Greensboro.


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