Effective Leadership For Real Progress

“I will work to make municipal government more effective and nimbler.  More accountable.  But to do this we need a better framework.  A better cadence.  And more focus and execution.” 

Justin Outling


Dear Friend:

It is time for Greensboro to meet its potential.  To do so, it must have effective leadership.  I am running for Mayor to bring a new level of leadership to the Mayor’s office.

Last week I outlined my goals for A Safer City, one of four themes of my campaign. Today, let’s discuss Effective Leadership.

Photo courtesy of https://www.rhinotimes.com/news/java-or-tea-with-justin-covered-a-lot-of-territory/

I will be a different kind of Mayor.  One with a focused vision for Greensboro who is willing to use the Mayor’s authority to set the Council’s agenda to tackle the tough issues.  I will have work sessions, utilize the talents of Council members, and listen to a wider range of voices.

I will work to make municipal government more effective and nimbler.  More accountable.  But to do this we need a better framework.  A better cadence.  And more focus and execution.  

Greensboro, we can do this!  Examples of what I will move to do as Mayor to accomplish this are…

  • Reduce bureaucracy to ensure quick and effective responses to residents.

  • Utilize metrics to quickly react where we are not meeting residents’ needs.  

  • Develop Council agendas to focus on problem solving and substance.

  • Structure regular work sessions on key issues to inform decisions.

  • Bring greater transparency to the status and timelines of key projects.

  • Tie our budgets to solving key problems and improving city services.

  • Publish a Good Government Dashboard showing how city government is performing in key areas.

The Mayor of Greensboro has just one vote on Council.  But the power to set Council’s agenda is the power to make a difference.  I hope to earn your vote in March.  

For Our Future,