Growth That Lifts Us All

“But we must ensure when growth occurs, we do not leave our most vulnerable populations behind.  We owe that to our seniors and ourselves.” 

Justin Outling


Dear Friend:

We owe a lot to our seniors.  They have laid the foundation for Greensboro’s progress.  But at a time in their life when finances can be a struggle, they are faced with rising property tax valuations and potentially higher tax bills. With the value of real estate rising has also come higher tax bills which make it harder for low incomes families to remain in their homes.

A common-sense strategy already in use elsewhere in the state has been the use of low-income homeowner relief programs for seniors and low-income families.  Those homeowners that qualify will pay what they have been paying before the re-assessments and any increases in taxes.  This could help prevent them from losing their homes and not be under pressure to sell to predatory investors for less than their homes are worth.  I have previously provided a proposal on this topic to councilmembers for them to consider during our meetings this week. 

With regional job growth Greensboro is going to see upward pressure on housing costs.  But we must ensure when that growth occurs, we do not leave our most vulnerable populations behind.  We owe that to our seniors and ourselves.

When elected I will be a pro-growth mayor.  But I want Greensboro to grow in a way that lifts us all.  I hope you’ll join me in supporting my campaign for a more livable city for seniors.

For Our Future,