Justin Outling for Greensboro Mayor

December 17, 2020


Dear Neighbor:

Today I am announcing that I am running for Mayor of Greensboro.  It’s not a step I take lightly, and I will need your help and support. 

But I don’t take your support for granted; I know I need to earn the opportunity to serve as our next Mayor.   So I want to start this campaign by explaining why I believe I am the right person to lead our City.


Our Limitless Potential

Greensboro has tremendous potential.  It is a city of history makers from the Revolutionary War to the Civil Rights movement.  Our community is ideally suited to be a national logistics hub with jobs and business development.  And we have all the intangibles that should make our city the most vibrant area in North Carolina: low cost of living, high quality of life, unmatched infrastructure, and rich intellectual capital and institutions of higher learning. 

When I look at Greensboro, I see a city that should be the envy of our peers.   


Fallen Behind

Yet as I write this I can tell you the gap between Greensboro’s potential and reality is broad and has been getting wider. 

  • The gap between Greensboro’s per capita income and that of Raleigh and Charlotte, which was once close, has nearly tripled since 1990.  
  • In the past two years we’ve seen our largest corporations move or merge out of the City. 
  • Violent crime is at levels unlike anything we’ve ever seen, and Greensboro is now ranked as North Carolina’s most dangerous city. 


Simply put, we are falling behind other communities, large and small. It’s not just an income gap, but also gaps in crime, opportunity, and hope.

This is not from a lack of leaders in our community. We have strong leaders across our government, nonprofit, business, and educational sectors. Yet we are not achieving our potential.

I have asked myself if we have the leadership we need from the highest level of City government, the Mayor’s office.  My answer is no — and that’s why I am running.


Strong Mayoral Leadership for Real Progress

Greensboro needs strong mayoral leadership for real progress.  Leadership that:

  • Expands the circle of voices and influences beyond the traditional to build trust across communities. 
  • Acts based on the merits and our community’s best interests, not who is asking for help or how it will appear in the media the next day.
  • Understands how law, policy, and government works.
  • Respects taxpayers and does not treat them as an ATM.
  • Partners with the business and university communities.
  • Envisions and relentlessly pursues our future without forgetting or ignoring our past.


These are the values I’ve brought every day to my role as a City Council member for the last five years. 

And it’s these values that have driven me to roll up my sleeves and do the hard work necessary to move our City towards its full potential.  I am proud of the accomplishments I’ve led on as a City Council member, but I know there’s so much more to be done.   


We Can and Will Realize Our Potential

As a parent with two young children I think every day not just about where we are now but where we will be when they become adults.  I know we can do better.  I know Greensboro has too many advantages and too many positive voices who want a better tomorrow.  But we will not achieve that with the status quo.  Business as usual is not an option.  I want to work with every citizen and every leader to make Greensboro all it can be.

With your help I know Greensboro can close the gap between where we are today and our hopes and potential.  I promise as Mayor I will do all that I can to make that possible.


Justin Outling