Growing Greensboro by Supporting Local Business

Justin led the efforts to create the City’s “local preference” or “buy local” policy, which gives preference to local businesses for City contracts without additional costs to the City. These efforts support our community’s businesses, jobs, and economy.

Housing Standards

Justin helped author revisions to the City’s minimum housing standards code and led in their adoption. These revisions will result in fewer demolished homes, fewer neighborhoods blighted by substandard housing, and the saving of taxpayer dollars.

Increased Transparency

Justin helped lead the City’s effort to provide new sources of information, auditing, and reporting of police encounters in Greensboro.  These new tools will help our citizens and city leadership to better evaluate the interactions of police officers with members of our community, and drive increased accountability and confidence in law enforcement.

Improved Emergency Services and Crime Detection

Justin has led the effort to improve the 911 dispatch process, ensuring that the most accurate information is used in dispatching law enforcement. These changes will help law enforcement identify persons who may have committed crimes more quickly and accurately, and reduce the likelihood that they stop community members based on incomplete or generalized information.

Source: MyFox8

Fair Policing

Justin helped to author the City’s model policy prohibiting all forms of profiling including religious and racial profiling. He led in the adoption of this policy which covered areas not otherwise prohibited by North Carolina State and federal law.

Cutting Red Tape

Justin led efforts to create an “ombudsman” within the City to ensure that large and certain other development projects keep moving forward in an orderly and timely way.


Reducing Blight, Wherever it Is

Justin led the efforts to pass the City’s first minimum standards code for non-residential properties.  The new code sets standards for the safety, sanitation, and welfare of buildings throughout Greensboro, while also improving our tax base and positioning our City as a more attractive place for businesses.

Standing Against Taxpayer Giveaways

Justin knows the difference between economic development and handouts of taxpayer money.  When the City gave an $80,000 grant to a downtown business that was already well financed and set to open, Justin voted against the grant, pointing out that City grants should only be used for true economic development and job creation – not simply because the person asking for assistance is well connected or supported by special interests or advocacy groups.

Your Taxes – Not an ATM for Lazy Government

Justin believes the best way to improve the City’s financial position is by carefully scrutinizing City spending and programs, not by raising taxes.  When the City Council voted to raise property taxes, Justin focused instead on scrutinizing City spending and voted against the increase.

City Council Pay

Justin’s public service is singularly driven by his goal to improve our City; he puts others above himself in all that does.  When the City Council voted to give itself a pay raise, Justin voted “No”.

Source: MyFox8