Vision & Plans

“Greensboro has a strong foundation, but in the past 10 years, we have fallen behind our peer cities like Raleigh, Durham, and Winston Salem in income growth, jobs, public safety, and more. We need to focus on key areas to ensure Greensboro, and all members of its community, reaches their potential.” 

Justin Outling

Effective Leadership

It starts with prioritization, accountability, and transparency to effectively harness Greensboro’s potential. We must have an unrelenting focus on execution and govern with vision, speed, and substance. [Read More]

A Safer City

Focus on prevention and intervention to make sure we all feel safe. Combine this with increased accountability to build trust across all communities. [Read More]

Focus On The Economy

An economy that starts with growing our City and lifting our neighbors out of poverty. That means further supporting the entire picture: Jobs, Training, University Partnerships, Support Small and Large Businesses, Cutting Red Tape, Transportation & Housing. [Read More]

Real Investment in Tomorrow

While maintaining our lower cost of living we must address the issues of tomorrow:
  • supporting the county schools
  • enhancing quality of life for retirees
  • reimagining our City assets
  • managing our environmental changes
  • and creating a city with equal opportunity and access
[Read More]